NC200- 250


NC 200-250/264

Single-stage horizontal shaft pumps with main dimensions and characteristics conforming to EN733 (DIN 24255) standards.
– Pump casing: volute type with flanged delivery port.
– Impeller: high efficiency closed type with balanced axial thrust.
Available in either cast iron or AISI 316 stainless steel.
– Shaft and supports: the AISI 420 stainless steel shaft (fully protected
against contact with the pumped water)

The NC series standardized pumps have been
designed for several applications, such as firefighting,
industrial water supply, industrial uses, antifrost
protection, irrigation, medium and large heating
and air conditioning systems and water supply for
both civil and industrial uses.

– Max. temperature of pumped liquid: +90°C.
– Min. temperature of pumped liquid: -10°C.
– Maxoperating time with closed discharge and liquid at 90°C: 30 sec.
– Nominal pressure 10/16 bar (with flanging
conforming to UNI 2223 PN16/PN25).

Technical data / Operating data:
Q :
H :
Poles n° : 4
Frequency : 50 Hz
Single-phase / Three-phase : 3~
Rated power P2 : 45 kW
Rated voltage : 400 V
Discharge size : DN200
Suction size : DN250

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