E10RB35/21 + MAC10200-8V
-Submersible pump of the radial type.
-Suction, discharge and intermediate casings: in cast iron.
-Impellers: in cast iron, keyed on to the shaft by splines.
-Shaft: in stainless steel, protected by replaceable stainless steel bushes, supported at the ends by bearings protected against sand infiltration.
-Coupling, nuts and bolts, strainer and cable guard: in stainless steel.
-Check valve: built-in, with threaded port.
-Painting: approved for use with drinking water.

Electric Motor
-Asynchronous, three-phase, lubricated by the filling water.
-Short circuit rotor construction.
-Stator: of the rewindable type, in copper wire coated with
a waterproof sheath having a high insulation degree and
suitable for operating in wet conditions.
-Stator shell: in stainless steel.
-Upper and lower brackets: in cast iron.
-Shaft: in stainless steel, supported by bronze bearings.
-Mechanical seal: ceramic/graphite
-Thrust-bearings: Michell type with tilting pads.
-Expansion diaphragm for balancing internal and external pressure.
-Nuts and bolts: in stainless steel.
-Painting: approved for use with drinking water.

Technical data / Operating data:

Q :
H :
Poles’n° : 2
Frequency : 50 Hz
Single-phase / Three-phase : 3~
Rated power P2 : 150 kW
Rated voltage : 400 V
Discharge size : G4″
Max. diameter : 251

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