• air-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine
  • Cylinder arranged vertically
  • Die-cast aluminium crankcase
  • Cast iron cylinder
  • Crankshaft and connecting rod with sliding bearings
  • Circulating pressure lubrication with a fine filter in the main flow
  • Valve control via rocker arm, bumpers, rocker arm and camshaft
  • Cooling fan and generator integrated into the flywheel
  • Sound capsule-mounted vibration-decoupled


  • high degree of customization through numerous options
  • low fuel consumption
  • Most powerful single-cylinder diesel engine series
  • long lifetime
  • easy to maintain
  • closed crankcase ventilation
  • noise-reduced by sound capsule

  • Power from 5.4 kW to 9.6 kW
  • Max. Torque 34.4 Nm
  • powerful and robust
  • Direct injection
  • EPA Tier IV final and EU Stage V certified
  • noise-reduced by capsule

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