M-Series – Ready to use all the time

The M-Series is the mainstay among industrial diesel engines. The 2, 3 and 4-cylinder engines have been successfully established on the market for around 30 years – and they are still regarded as unbeatable. The robust basic drive train, notably the sturdiest crankshaft of all engines on the market, has remained unchanged since the market introduction. Thus running times of several ten thousand hours are no problem for the M-Series engines.

  • Power from 16.4 kW to 26.3 kW
  • Max. Torque 107.2 Nm
  • powerful and robust
  • Direct injection process with single monoblock pumps
  • EU Stage IIIA certified


design type

  • air-cooled two-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine
  • Cylinder standing in a row
  • Cast iron crankcase
  • Single cylinders and cylinder heads
  • Direct injection via monoblock pumps
  • Circulating pressure lubrication with easy-change filter and oil cooler in the main flow
  • Valve control via rocker arm, bumpers, tappet and camshaft
  • second camshaft for injection pump drive with centrifugal adjuster and autom. timing device
  • Axial cooling fan with integrated generator
  • integrated automatic motor protection


  • ready for installation and use
  • universally applicable
  • robust and durable construction
  • easy to maintain and repair
  • extremely low fuel consumption
  • Operational safety through automatic motor protection

performance curves