About Us

Founded in 2005, First Machineries Ltd represents market leaders in the world of pumps, generators and selected construction equipment. Based at our facility in Embakasi, Nairobi, Kenya we have a highly professional and dynamic team with experience in the products we deal in.

What We Do

Water Pumps

Precision meets efficiency in our water pumps. Brands like Caprari & Calpeda ensure reliable water movement for agriculture, industry, and homes. Trust First Machineries for precision engineering in every drop.

Diesel Engines

Power your machinery with resilience. Haltz Diesel engines, among others, drive industrial operations with durability and efficiency. First Machineries fuels your progress with reliable diesel engines.

Electric Motors

Revolutionize motion with First Machineries' electric motors, including trusted brands like Marathon. Whether for industrial or commercial use, our motors set the standard for efficiency. Choose us for reliability and optimal performance.


Ensure uninterrupted power with Caprari and CGM generators. From cutting-edge technology to fuel efficiency, our generators redefine reliability for construction sites or emergency backup. Choose First Machineries for power assurance.

Featured Projects

County Government of Kwale

Supply and installation of High Pressure Caprari Pump: PM Series complete with 110kW Electric Motor - 140m3/hr against 200m

Coffee Management Services

Supply of various Caprari pumps at different flow rates at different sites: 1) MEC-MR 125/3C Complete with 110kW Electric Motor to deliver 200m3/hr against 100m

Rainforest Farmlands Kenya

Supply of various Caprari pumps and fittings for lagoon transfer and irrigation:1) MEC-A series pumps - 300m3/hr against 20m. 2) CVX Series pumps for Fertigation. 3) HMU Series for re-fertigation

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